Goal Clarity/Healing Advising/Believe Theory Tools/Life
Expansion Planning/Positive Conversation/ Affirmative Meditation/Confidence Building

I also counsel and advise family members and friends with the cancer patient regarding goal clarity and setting, positive reinforcement when interacting with a cancer patient and their diagnosis, implementing laughter therapy planning, supporting a patient via chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, establishing coping skills to support the patient, avenue to building a strong support system, and assisting the patient with adjusting to a normal life as possible. Give out different agencies that are support systems for the patient and the familiy members. Review progress of clients and their families and set workable goals towards personal growth. I counsel family member to assist the client with balancing their lives in a positive manner.  Assist family members in cooping with unnecessary negative feelings.

Goal Achievement

Inspiring Tools

Institute Believe Theory

Genuine Upbeat Conversation

Through cancer counseling sessions I will assess and understand your abilities, interests and your  life current state of being in order to prepare effectively for the choices you may make for future goal and planning opportunities.   As a Counselor & Psychologist I encourage my clients and their families to develop effective Believe skills and along with a positive mind setting that include taking advantage of opportunities to speak with oncologist for assistance and to perform today what is needed to prepare for an undeniable positive outcome. I advise my clients and their families to supplement negative conversations with goal setting interests and activities. I listen attententively to you to assist with ensuring an upbeat and believable smooth relaxing conversation.

Therapeutic Counseling Service 

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