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Goal Clarity Advising/Mentoring/Believe Theory Tools/At-Risk/
Positive Goal Planning/Learning Disability/Upbeat & Motivating Conversation/Rejuvenating Mindset/Inspiring Interactive Guidance 

Through academic counseling sessions Dr. Black will assess and understand the client abilities, interests and academic needs. She works closely with students to assist them in achieving their educational goals. She takes pride in working with clients and young adults that are deemed at-risk academically and behaviorally.  Students are given academia mentor guidance and assistance in planning class schedules, recommending courses and determining appropriate educational solutions for different types of students.  Clients are encouraged to develop effective skills with a positive mind set and given guidance in determining what academic path will be a success for them. Every student is afforded advice, a solid foundation, support, guidance, and direction to ensure they receive an optimal  academic experience.  

Attainable Achievement Goal Setting

Given Inspiring & Motivating Tools

Believe Yes You Can

Positive Interaction

Dr. Black also counsel and advise family members of students with behavioral, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, and those with Autism.  She set goals and provide clarity, give positive reinforcement when interacting with students who are challenged with low performance.   Her speciality is working with students that are "at-risk" of performing academically.  To ensure students are successful she set intervention goals, feasible learning expectations that are attainable, effective and meaningful achievements, and reachable desirable accomplished outcomes to overcome the challenged behavior. Supporting student's are a priority to ensure they are afforded a productive academia experience. 

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