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Life is not about reaching your goals alone. Results are harder to achieve and the process is prolonged when you are working on your goals by yourself.  Many times you realize you can no longer focus on the issue to come up with a solution. That's OK, because you have found someone. Your Coach!

Dr. Black has helped thousands of people reach a resolution to their issues. Her clients have gone from, "I don't believe I can accomplish that" to I Believe I'm able to accomplish that."  Let go of your fear to think "will this work for me?" Take a leap of faith to believe and give Career Coaching a try. You found Dr. Black's web page for a reason. Don't close it and let this opportunity go by.

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Career Coaching

Mid Career Consultations

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions

Dr. Black also coach professionals and offer a recidivism program to overcome obstacles, re-frame self-limiting habits/beliefs, access self-worth, build self-confidence, and create a path to the next level of their success from the inside out.

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