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Social & Emotional/Relationship/Mental Health/Family/

Health & Body​/Communication​/Spiritual

Several different therapeutic approaches are used to address your concerns and problems. This includes positive Believe Therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, rational emotive therapy, solution focused therapies, and communication based therapies. The goal of these treatment approaches are the following:  

Improve communication

- Develop conflict resolution skills

- Enhance verbal and non-verbal skills

- Increase awareness of triggers

- Promote expression of feelings

- Restructure negative thought patterns

- Develop emotional safety

- Manage inappropriate anger

- Adopt functional interactional patterns


Private Life Coaching

Parenting Counseling

Family Relationships

Schedule a consultation appointment for family, couples counseling or marital counseling and share with us your relationship struggles and you will be assisted to develop goals that will lead to the resolution of your relationship issues.

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